Promoting student participation in authentic science investigations

MothEd is purposefully designed to provide elementary and middle school students the opportunity to shape the scientific practices of their classroom, to survey moth abundance and diversity of their local places, and to inform the ongoing ecological work of entomologists.

Studying moths provides a unique opportunity

There are over 12,000 moth species in North America. Yet, most moth research to date has focused on a handful of species that are either identified as agricultural pests or have the potential to cause mass defoliation as adults (e.g., certain Tent Caterpillars or the Spongy Moth, formerly Gypsy Moth).

The potential for conducting student-led research in a range of urban and rural habitats is great; traps are inexpensive and discreet, and students can easily deploy them at their homes, around school grounds, or at places of interest in local communities.

moth species in North America
How to Build Your Own Moth Trap

Resources for teachers

Implementation plans and additional readings will become available in the summer of 2024.